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Remote Consulting

Personal Training

Nutritional Consulting

On Location Wellness Workshops


Remote WellnessConsulting

Remote wellness consulting touches on all aspects of what it means to live a Fitness Inspired Lifestyle. Each 4-week program is designed to meet your specific needs. This is an affordable and empowering approach to reaching your goals.

Services include:

  • Detailed nutrition profiles

  • Weekly Calls

  • Individualized Fitness Program

  • Realistic structure based on lifestyle

On Location Wellness Workshop

The Wellness Worksop is a highly specialized program. Chance likes to call it the wellness retreat that comes to you. This format includes daily personal training sessions and onsite meal preparation. Workshop details and duration are designed around the goals and objectives of each client's specific needs.


Nutritional Consulting

Chance's unique approach to nutrition is based on the individual needs of each client. She takes the time and attention necessary to break down your diet into bite size pieces and provide you with attainable tools to help you realign your relationship with food.

Personal Training

Chance has developed a specialized style of movement that involves dynamic functional training coupled with yoga inspired fusion for balance and deep core engagement.
With over 20 years experience mentoring clients to reach their fullest potential, Chance knows how guide each individual to dig deep within themselves and go beyond their perceived capability. Chance brings forth a vast array of knowledge and experience while maintaining sharp observation to lead her clients to success. 


Get to Know Chance

If you asked Chance Poe to tell you a little about her journey she would likely say that she is always a student of her practice and that she finds inspiration in the mountains, cooking fresh nutritious meals, and exploring creative arts. Dig a little deeper and you will learn that her humble approach to health and fitness has landed her in the homes of some very high profile clients. Her recipe for maintaining balance is not rooted in cutting calories, carbs, or sugar. Nor does it involve strenuous painful workouts. Chance believes life is too short to worry about eating an occasional cupcake, and that your body should be treated with care and respect. Her intention is to maintain a balance of fresh ingredients, including yoga inspired functional fitness, seasonally inspired meals, breathing fresh mountain air, and smiling through the challenging bits.

Chance’s lead-by-example approach has garnered her the attention of many celebrities and entertainment heavyweights nationwide. Return client and restauranteur Elizabeth Blau states that, “Chance can hold her own among many of the top chefs in the world.”
Chance isn’t just a personal trainer and chef.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and vast skillset to the table, positioning her solidly at the top of her field. Her journey as a wellness mentor began 20 years ago. While teaching science at a Colorado boarding school, she was approached by one of her female students seeking a fitness and cooking class specific to the girls on campus. From there Chance switched career path from teacher in the classroom to teacher in the gym, and began working privately with clients the following year.   In 2014 Chance launched Pavepara, a sustainable clothing label, with a successful Kickstarter. After four years as a designer and brand manager she returned to her roots in health and fitness and hasn’t looked back.  In her words, Chance believes that: “mentoring others to be the best version of themselves is my true calling. It took walking away from it for a bit, and exploring other creative passions to realize that wellness is my home.” In her free time, when she is not curating content and sharing her knowledge on Instagram, you might catch her riding her mountain bike in the high desert landscape of New Mexico, skiing deep powder snow, alpine mountaineering, deepening her yoga practice, watercolor painting, bird watching, making jewelry, or getting her hands dirty digging her garden.

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